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What are common noun related to electrolyte capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-23

what are common noun related to electrolyte capacitor? Related nouns basically has the following five specific and electrolytic capacitor manufacturer ShenMao electronic know together. 1. The anode ( anode ) : aluminum anode layer, namely the anode electrolytic capacitor. 2. The cathode ( cathode ) : the electrolyte layer. 3. The dielectric ( 电介质di) : adhere to the aluminum oxide layer on the surface of the aluminum layer. 4. The cathode foil ( 阴极箔) : connection of electrolyte and the external layer, the layer does not need to oxidation in the production, but in practice, due to chinalco easily oxidized in the etching process, so it forms a natural oxidation of oxide layer, the oxide layer can take 1 ~ 2 v voltage. 5. The insulation paper ( 间隔纸) : isolation of cathode and anode, let them not sub directly, and the adsorption amount of electrolyte.
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