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What are the additional functions of metal film capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-22
The metal film capacitor in the capacitor must have additional functions 1. Zero-crossing switching: adopts intelligent zero-crossing switching circuit to achieve equal voltage input, zero current removal, switching is useless, no impact, no operating overvoltage, no arc Reignition greatly improves the withstand voltage, current impact, and low power consumption of the equipment, reducing 80% of the energy consumption in the conventional capacitor cabinet.  2, split-phase compensation: realize single-phase separate compensation, solve the three-phase load imbalance condition, and make separate compensation for one phase with larger reactive power shortage to achieve the most optimized compensation effect.  3. Energy saving and consumption reduction: The volume is reduced by about 50%, which can save about 50% of land steel, silver, and engineering plastic stool resources, and the power loss of wires, contacts, and devices can be reduced by about 50%.  4. Temperature protection: Equipped with a temperature sensor, which can reflect the internal heating of the metal film capacitor under the conditions of capacitor over current, over harmonics, excessive leakage current and high ambient temperature. Realize the over-temperature protection, automatically cut off the capacitor after the set temperature is exceeded, exit the operation, and achieve the purpose of protecting the equipment.  5. Intelligent network: When multiple intelligent capacitors are used in the network, a network is automatically generated. 6. High reliability: The controller is cancelled and the distributed control mode is adopted to prevent the entire system from being paralyzed due to the controller failure. The intelligent zero-crossing switching switch ensures that there is no inrush current impact, no operating overvoltage, and no arc reignition during the capacitor switching process. , The failure rate is extremely low, which completely solves the problem that the traditional contactor and metal film capacitor often solve.  7. Building block structure: The building block stacking method is adopted when the cabinet is assembled and installed.   8. Convenient expansion: The number of power capacitors can be increased at any time, which has changed the complex wiring of the conventional mode and the unchangeable limitations. It can adapt to the development needs of the enterprise and can be invested in installments. 9. Convenient maintenance: with a simple man-machine interface, the interface displays the type of protection action: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, three-phase unbalance, etc.; intelligent power capacitors have a self-diagnosis function, which can be reflected on the display Failures such as electronic switches, capacitors, air switches, and intelligent module network communications are conducive to on-site troubleshooting. 10. Significant effect: to ensure that the system voltage is stable and qualified, improve the power factor, and predict the input of metal film capacitors. If the capacitor is over-compensated, it will not be used to avoid fines for excess reactive power; increase the active power output of the distribution transformer and reduce the investment in capacity expansion. , Reduce loss and save energy.
However, with the increased prevalence of electrolytic capacitor, it has become far more affordable.
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