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What are the advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors? How to choose?

by:Shenmao     2021-03-19
There are many different types of capacitors. The most common ones on the market are super capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Compared with ordinary capacitors, super capacitors are more optimized in terms of performance, service life and safety. So what are aluminum electrolytic capacitors? What are the advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors? Choose from the following aspects.  1. Product materials are environmentally friendly  The supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a large number of users on the market is Shenmao. The materials selected by Shenmao when making them are all environmentally friendly materials. After the product is designed, all products have been tested for environmental protection. Among them, aluminum electrolytic capacitors meet ROHS environmental protection requirements, so aluminum electrolytic capacitor materials are environmentally friendly.  2. Product service life  The biggest difference between aluminum electrolytic capacitors and traditional capacitors is that they have a longer service life, which is the so-called long life. According to the test data provided by Shenmao, we can know that the aluminum electrolytic capacitor developed by Shenmao can work in a 45 degree environment for nine years.  3. Product fast charging performance    aluminum electrolytic capacitors are essentially products that are resistant to large ripple currents. Compared with ordinary current products, large ripple current products are more optimized in terms of durability and high-temperature storage. This makes the fast charging performance of the capacitor better and it is safer to use.   The above is the specific situation about the advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. I believe that through the above introduction, I have a certain understanding of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors are obvious, so many people will choose aluminum electrolytic capacitors when choosing. Therefore, when choosing capacitors to be applied to products, choose Shenmao for customization, which will definitely meet your needs.
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