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What are the consequences of not choosing the right capacitor lead? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-05
Common leads of capacitors are: copper leads, PCB leads, high-purity copper leads, aluminum-iron leads, soft leads, solder lugs, etc., each lead is shouldered, and it plays an important role in helping the current conduction of the capacitor. If the lead is not selected What kind of consequences will it bring? There was an old customer who had been purchasing CBB61 capacitors from Shenmao Capacitors. They used copper leads, which had been in normal operation for three months. Then, because of the copper lead welding circuit board, the customer wanted to save time, so they requested to change to soft leads. , Shenmao agreed to the customer’s request and provided CBB61 capacitors with soft leads. However, after installation and use, all the products could not be used normally within a week. When the customer found Shenmao, he had to give the other party an explanation. After investigation, it was found that, The conductive effect is the same whether it is a copper lead or a soft lead. The problem is that on the circuit board designed by the user, the soft lead cannot conduct normally, and the copper lead can conduct smoothly through in-line welding. After this episode, Shenmao Capacitors also began to pay attention to what kind of lead wires are needed for the product circuit board capacitors produced by customers, and provide more comfortable and suitable selection services, so it is not that the lead wires of the capacitors are all You can choose the same. For example, some high-current conductivity may need to use high-purity copper leads, and some other common copper leads may be used for low voltage. If you have to encounter this problem, you can contact Shenmao Capacitor at any time, we are dedicated to service
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