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What are the daily inspection items for capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-08
Capacitors are one of the most common electronic components on the market. Although most capacitors are relatively stable, in order to ensure product quality and prevent capacitor fires, the following daily inspections should be carried out frequently: 1. Whether various protection devices are complete , Whether the protection characteristics match 2. Detect the ambient temperature, if the temperature of the capacitor room exceeds the specified value, the power should be cut off in time 3. Test whether the capacitor is overheated 4. Test the operating voltage, and regularly check the capacitor operating voltage record 5. Test whether the harmonic voltage Too high 6. Check the capacitor bushing for discharge, seepage, oil leakage and 'bulging' phenomenon 7. Check for flammable and explosive debris near the capacitor 8. Test the insulation resistance of the capacitor during power outage inspection 9 .Test whether the capacitor is overheated. The above content is the daily inspection item of the capacitor. If you have any problems with the capacitor that need to be solved, you may wish to leave a message to consult us Shenmao, Shenmao capacitors use strength to create quality and service to create a reputation!
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