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What are the factors to consider when using Farah supercapacitors?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-25
Introduction: Farah supercapacitors can be said to be a very popular product in the capacitor product market. Farah supercapacitors have long life, environmental protection and pollution-free, and can be recycled. These are its advantages. Then when using Farah supercapacitors, How to use it correctly? What should I pay attention to?   1. The polarity of Fara supercapacitors requires that Fara supercapacitors have a fixed polarity. Polarity refers to the specific direction or attraction of an object, similar to the fact that a magnet has positive and negative poles. Farah supercapacitors have their own polarity, so when you use it, you must determine its polarity. If you charge in the opposite direction, it will increase the internal resistance and may cause the capacitor to collapse. 2. Voltage requirements of Fara super capacitors Fara super capacitors have a fixed voltage requirement, that is, they cannot exceed the rated voltage. The rated voltage is fixed and cannot be changed at will, so it must be used under the rated voltage. If the rated voltage is exceeded, it will cause the internal heating of the Fara supercapacitor to increase the internal resistance, thereby affecting the service life of the Fara supercapacitor. 3. Environmental requirements for Fara supercapacitors Fara supercapacitors have certain requirements for the environment. They can't be in a high temperature environment or a low temperature environment, let alone a place with a heat source or a place with poisonous gas. , Are not allowed. The temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the service life and use effect of the Fara supercapacitor. The advantages of   Farad supercapacitors far outweigh its shortcomings. As long as you pay attention to the temperature, voltage, polarity and other small issues in the process of use, you can give full play to the usefulness of the super capacitor.
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