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What are the reasons for the failure of the high-voltage filter capacitor of the computer power supply? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-29
There are many reasons for the failure of the high-voltage filter capacitor of the computer power supply. The common one is insufficient power, which is like a small horse-drawn cart, which is caused after long-term work. The second is poor heat dissipation, which leads to high operating temperatures of the power supply components and damage to the original. Of course, the power supply load is aging and short-circuited, the power load is heavy, the external network power supply is unstable, and the originals such as capacitors and other reasons are of poor quality. The summary analysis is as follows:    1. It is caused by the quality problem of the capacitor itself.   2. The heat dissipation of the power supply is not good, and the internal temperature is too high, which leads to the deterioration of the capacitor.   3. Abnormal increase in power input voltage causes the voltage across the capacitor to be higher than the withstand voltage, which causes damage to the capacitor.   4. The design of the power supply circuit is unreasonable, causing the capacitor to be overloaded and causing damage to the capacitor.   5. The output circuit of the subsequent stage is abnormal, which causes the capacitor load to increase, and the temperature rises to damage the capacitor.
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