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What are the units of capacitance? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-03
1. Capacitance can also be called CAP in abbreviation, and there are many units of capacitors, and there is a conversion relationship between them, so when you understand the units of capacitance, you must also understand the conversion formula of capacitors, so that you can see The unit conversion to any capacitor can be done without error. 2. The initial unit of a capacitor is: ①Farad or law, referred to as (F), which is the largest unit in a capacitor. This unit is commonly used in larger capacity capacitors, ②Millifarad, referred to as (Mf), ③Microfarad, abbreviated as (uf), ④Nafar, abbreviated as (nf), ⑤Pifar, abbreviated as (pf), these five are the units of capacitors. 3. The common capacitance units on the market are microfarad, nanofarad, and picofarad. These three international units are more commonly used because the capacity is relatively popular, and the reason for the large capacity of law and millifarad is generally larger. The mechanical equipment of the company will use these two units of capacitance. 4. The conversion relationship between capacitor units is: 1 method (F) u003d 1000 millifarads (mf), 1 millifarad (mf) u003d 1000 microfarads (uf), 1 microfarad (uf) u003d 1000 nanofarads (nf) ), 1 nanofarad (nf) u003d 1000 picofarad (pf), this is the unit conversion unit of each, if you look at it intuitively, it will be (1Fu003d1000MFu003d1000000UFu003d1000000000NFu003d1000000000000PF), so we can see the unit It will be very long, easy to remember, and conversion is very time-consuming. Therefore, the current international standard method is adopted. The first 2 digits of PF represent the effective value, and the third digit represents the power of 10, because the existence of this will be more convenient. For example, 1000PF, then we can directly label him. 102 is enough. If you still don’t understand, you can give another example, that is, 1000000pfu003d105,1000000pfu003d104,10000pfu003d103,1000pfu003d102,100pfu003d101. If you do the conversion several times, you can basically know how. It’s time to calculate the value of the capacitor unit. It is common in the market to register the capacitor capacity with this standard method, which is convenient for everyone to remember and use.
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