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What can replace aluminum electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-22
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors because of its production cost is relatively low, so a lot of electronic products become the preferred, but you have heard of aluminum electrolytic capacitor makes the computer on the main board is not stable, even lead to the mainboard blowout accident? That's because the mainboard after long time use temperature is too high, cause the electrolyte thermal expansion, aluminum electrolytic capacitor not work and even more than the boiling point lead to boil; Motherboard, on the other hand, in the long run is not electricity, easy to form chemical reaction with alumina, electrolyte boot or energized the explosion phenomenon. So, this defect how to compensate for? Actually very simple, only need to change to solid electrolytic capacitor, these problems can be solved. Solid electrolytic capacitors using electrical conductivity polymer products as dielectric materials, the material was not with alumina, after electrify not explosion phenomenon; At the same time it is solid product, there is no natural burst due to heat expansion. With environmental protection, low resistance, high and low temperature stability, resistance to high ripple and superior properties such as high reliability, is one of the highest rank in the electrolytic capacitor products. Due to the solid capacitance characteristics is far superior to liquid aluminum capacitor, solid-state capacitors and heat-resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius, and electrical conductivity, good frequency characteristic and life are, suitable for low voltage, high current applications, mainly used in digital products such as thin DVD and industrial computer, projector, etc. In addition you hear condenser explodes? Here are electrolytic capacitor manufacturers to analysis explain the reason of the capacitor explosion for everyone. 1, positive negative answer the reverse: polar capacitor, is negative be taken such as tantalum capacitor, is negative to the words, burning light capacitance, or caused an explosion of the capacitance. Edge uneven burr or severe bending, its cutting-edge prone to corona, corona would make oil decomposition, tank shell expansion and the decrease of the oil level and cause breakdown. In addition, in the block, the corner if the welding time is too long, the internal insulation burn and produce oil and gas, the voltage drop and the damaged greatly. 3, poor sealing and oil: assembling casing sealed, moisture inside, will lead to insulation resistance ( http://www。 jmycapacitor。 com/) The decline of; Or because of oil spill makes the oil level drops, guide, which can lead to breakdown the shell direction discharge or components. 4 quality closes nevertheless, capacitor: if you don't pass to the quality of the capacitance ( Bad workmanship, etc. ) The internal components of capacitor may lead to a breakdown, the shell of the insulation damage, etc. , could cause the explosion of the capacitance ( Looking for brand capacitance, can enter the click on the links below to: capacitance search results page) 。 5, free or internal drum belly: when the capacitor discharge corona, breakdown, and serious internal free, the capacitor in the function of overvoltage, make component initial ionizing voltage is reduced to the work under the electric field intensity, triggering a series of physical, chemical, electric effect, accelerate the insulation aging, decompose and produce gas, forming a vicious cycle, so that the pressure tank shell, outside the box wall drum resulting in explosion. 6, take charge caused by switching capacitor explosion: any rated voltage of capacitor Banks are charged closing is prohibited. Every time to switch capacitor group, must under the condition of the switch capacitor discharge can only be carried out after 3 min, otherwise the switch instantaneous voltage polarity reverse polarity with residual charge on the capacitor may caused by the explosion. Therefore, the general provisions capacity in more than 160 kvar capacitor Banks, should be installed without pressure automatic tripping device, and the switch of capacitor Banks are not allowed to furnish the automatic reclosing. 7, high temperature cause capacitor explosion: if the temperature of the capacitance is too high, its internal electrolyte evaporation rapidly expand, shake off the yoke and the shell. Generally caused reasons are as follows: (1) the voltage is too high, lead to breakdown, capacitance by capacitance current increases rapidly in an instant; (2) the environment temperature is too high, more than allowed working temperature of capacitance, cause the electrolyte boiling; (3) capacitors meet reverse polarity. Everyone in engineering design to avoid capacitor explosion accident caused by these factors, buy capacitance, resistance, potentiometer, crystals and other components to buy, through regular poly shenzhen ShenMao weiye science and technology is a specialized production and manufacturing electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, 100% authentic, welcome everyone to point advisory order.
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