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What capacitor can improve the sound quality of audio? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-21
Under normal circumstances, the function of the capacitor C is to filter out part of the high-frequency components in the line, so that the mid-woofer unit only emits mid- and low-frequency sounds. If the capacitor C is disconnected, the woofer unit will not only send out the bass signal, but also some mid- to high-pitched signals, which will make the high-pitched sound of the faulty loudspeaker too bright, but the bass is relatively insufficient, and the sound quality of the loudspeaker will deteriorate. At the same time, because part of the audio power borne by the original capacitor C will be all added to the low frequency speaker unit, a long time will cause the woofer unit to be overloaded and damaged, but at this time it will not pose a threat to the power amplifier; but if the capacitor C If it is broken down, the audio power signal will form a short circuit on the capacitor C, which will cause the player to burn out due to the output short circuit. After the capacitor breaks down, it is equivalent to an open circuit. The rated voltage and breakdown voltage of the capacitor: The breakdown voltage is the limit voltage of the capacitor. If this voltage is exceeded, the medium in the capacitor will be broken down. The rated voltage is the voltage that the capacitor can withstand during long-term operation, and it is lower than the breakdown voltage. Capacitors are safe and reliable to work at a voltage not higher than the rated voltage. Don't mistake it for the capacitor to work normally only at the rated voltage.
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