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What determines the price of capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-03
Capacitors, a common electronic component in the electronics market, are widely used. It is no exaggeration to say that capacitors will be used wherever electricity is used. Then the price of capacitors is on the market and varies from electronics to electronics. Why are there price deviations in shopping malls or online shopping malls, and then to different manufacturers’ quotations? Some are more expensive and some are cheap. What determines the price of capacitors? Of course, the first to think that the price of capacitors is naturally determined by the market. This is correct, because it is not a planned economy, so the price is determined by the market economy. Of course, this is only under the premise of a big background. However, in the real decision whether the price of the capacitor is expensive or relatively cheap, the most important thing is the manufacturer of the raw material. The manufacturer of the capacitor rarely integrates the production system, and most of the raw materials are purchased off-the-shelf. The price of capacitors made from crystal plating, aluminum, copper, etc. are all purchased from outside, and the better the raw materials are, the more expensive the capacitor is. On the contrary, the cheaper raw materials determine the bottom line of the capacitor. Generally speaking, it is lower than the price. If it is, it will be a loss, and it will be a loss if it is sold on a flat basis. Only by making a little profit to achieve small profits but quick turnover can it be possible to maintain a loss, because the cost of the capacitor includes the depreciation of the production equipment, the wages of the production staff, packaging costs, logistics costs, and after-sales services. Service costs, etc., if the capacitors are sold directly at the price of raw materials for the production of capacitors, then the capacitor manufacturer can basically declare bankruptcy directly. Therefore, in determining whether the capacitor price can bring profit to the company, the key role is sales. Department. Because to ensure that a company can continue to operate and develop, it must make a profit. The capacitor manufacturer is no exception, because the current market environment is not like the previous designation of these two capacitor manufacturers to produce capacitors, and basically does not rely on salespersons. It is enough to arrange customer service to take orders. Now the competition is extremely fierce. If you don’t do marketing or promotion, you will basically face the fate of elimination. Since there is a sales department, then they need to earn a certain commission. This commission is naturally Will produce the price of the capacitor, so often the first time you encounter the capacitor quotation must include some profit points in it, you can try to counter-offer once or twice, and a lot of the profits of the basic salesperson will be eliminated. Up
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