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What happens when aluminum electrolytic capacitors exceed the specified operating voltage? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-18
When a voltage higher than the resistance of the acidized film is applied, the anode foil of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor will form an acidized film equivalent to the applied voltage. The reaction at this time causes the aluminum electrolytic capacitor to generate gas. As a result of the increase in the internal pressure, the electrostatic capacity of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor will decrease, and the loss angle of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor will also increase. The amount of gas produced by aluminum electrolytic capacitors also increases with the increase in the applied voltage and the temperature around the capacitor. As a result, the internal pressure of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor will increase, the sealing material (rubber band) will expand, and the safety device will start to activate (the product without safety device, the rubber band will fly out). Therefore, avoid using this aluminum electrolytic capacitor in a circuit that exceeds the specified voltage. The damage to the structure caused by the application of ultra-high voltage is as follows: ① The safety device is loosened (or the rubber band falls off), and the electrolyte inside the aluminum electrolytic capacitor diffuses to the outside and dries out, thus being in an open state. Everyone must check carefully before using aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
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