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What industries do cbb capacitors use? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-03
Cbb capacitors, one of the capacitor models, have a lot of derived specifications. The main core material is still a variety of cbb specifications developed on the basis of polypropylene film. The application scenarios of each cbb capacitor specification are also different. In what industry is it mainly used, and in which industry is it used more? Cbb21 capacitors/cbb22 capacitors are put together and the reason why these two cbb specifications capacitors are put together is that they are essentially the same in performance and the application industry. Cbb22 capacitors are upgraded versions of cbb21 capacitors, which are superior to cbb21 capacitors in terms of performance and price. It is also slightly more expensive than cbb21 capacitors. Their main application industry is the type of home electronic equipment, and the most commonly used ones are TV sets, instruments and meters. Although the specifications of cbb61 capacitors/cbb65 capacitors are quite different in appearance, the main functions of the two cbb capacitors are basically the same. They are both used in the start-up of electrical appliances, but cbb61 is mostly used for small household appliances, and cbb65 is used for large appliances. Most electrical appliances, such as battery stoves, rice cookers, and microwave ovens, mostly use cbb61 capacitors, while those for outdoor air conditioners and washing machines use cbb65 capacitors, cbb19 capacitors/cbb20 capacitors, and these two cbb specifications capacitors belong to Essentially the same, the performance of cbb20 capacitors in cbb19 capacitors is much better, and there are many more scenarios that can be applied. Common applications are the ultrasonic industry, audio amplifier industry, stage lighting industry, etc., like cbb20 capacitors in There are a lot of people in the ultrasonic industry. Cbb19 uses more people in the audio industry. Cbb81 capacitors/MKP capacitors can’t help but wonder why MKP capacitors are also included in the cbb capacitor series. In fact, cbb81 capacitors are more satisfactory. MKP capacitors are derived from the unsustainable performance requirements, and the main core material in MKP capacitors is actually polypropylene film. This is different from the case. There are also CBB22-B capacitors called MKP capacitors in the industry. Large and high-voltage electronic equipment, such as power supplies and electric mosquito swatters, which reach high power instantly, are often used
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