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What is a safety capacitor? What is the relationship between safety Y capacitors and safety X capacitors?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-08
Before understanding safety Y capacitors and safety X capacitors, what we need to understand is what safety capacitors mean. Consumers have always believed that safety capacitors are a big category. In fact, this is a wrong perception. Safety capacitors refer to capacitors that have passed safety certification. This type of capacitors are called safety capacitors. Because safety certification is to review the standards for the safety of users, the safety is high. After a long time, they will pass the safety certification. Regulatory certified capacitors have gradually become safety capacitors in people’s mouths. Safety capacitors generally have two types of capacitors that need to be certified. One is Y capacitors and the other is X capacitors. These two types of capacitors are often confused as the same type of capacitors. In fact, these two types of capacitors are not only endowed with safety. It has nothing to do with the regulatory certification attributes. For the simplest example of raw materials, the raw materials of Y capacitors are those derived from ceramic dielectric capacitors, while the raw materials of X capacitors are derived from the raw materials of metal film capacitors. The raw materials of standard capacitors are different, so the two are not related. The only thing that can be related is that the difference between Y capacitors and X capacitors that have passed the safety certification is the X safety capacitors and Y capacitors. The difference is that one with high voltage resistance is large, and the other is small. Relatively speaking, the high voltage resistance of Y capacitors is much higher than that of X. This is the biggest difference between the two. The second is that the installation position is different. For the live line and the neutral line, there is an X capacitor, and the line between the live line and the ground is a Y capacitor. They are used in the power supply filter to filter the power supply, and filter the common mode and differential mode interference respectively. And a capacitor connected between the live wire and the 0 wire is X, and a capacitor connected between the live wire and the ground wire is like a Y. Due to the direct capacitance between the live wire and the 0 wire, it is affected by the voltage peak to avoid short circuits. The more important parameter is the withstand voltage level, and there is no fixed limit on the capacitance value. The direct capacitance between the live wire and the ground wire is related to the problem of leakage safety, so the parameter it pays attention to is the insulation level. A large capacitance value will have an impact on the device after the power is cut off.
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