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What is a taping capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-22
The previous capacitors were all produced in bulk and packaged before leaving the factory. In the hands of the manufacturer, the assembly line workers inserted the capacitors one by one into the corresponding pcb board and then fixed it by welding. Compared with the current technology speed, the efficiency is too slow. Therefore, some surviving companies have introduced automated equipment operations, which also include capacitors that provide capacitors for installation and welding, but the bulk capacitors cannot be recognized by the automation equipment, so the capacitors Taping came into being. There is a small hole on the braid strip on the braided capacitor. This small hole is fixed on the automatic equipment, and then the rest is to realize automatic installation and automatic welding, which effectively saves labor costs and production efficiency. The advantage of capacitors is that they can no longer rely on ordinary packaging bags, but they can be directly braided and packed into the box. The quantity limit is greatly increased. For bulk capacitors, each box of braid may generally use a box as a unit. The extra charge for the box ranges from 3 to 8 RMB. Some capacitor manufacturers may not have a taping machine by themselves. They are all handed over to the taping factory to complete the processing, because there are more than one type of capacitors for taping. All device types can be braided, such as resistors, so the general capacitor factory will not add this kind of braiding machine equipment. However, the tape capacitor is a very troublesome thing for the returned goods or quality problems. If the quality problem of the capacitor, it can be directly scrapped. If it is returned, it will be a lot of trouble, because the tape machine does not The ability to operate in the direction means that the capacitor can be braided, but it cannot be disassembled by mechanical equipment and needs to be manually disassembled. The workload is much greater. After all, not every manufacturer needs to use a braiding machine. The braided capacitor is a waste for companies that do not have automated production equipment. In addition, the braided capacitor can easily come into contact with the air because there is no way to pack it. The capacitor is exposed to air for a long time, and it will speed up The life of the capacitor is damaged.
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