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What is cbb81 capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-03
The cbb81 capacitor is a series of capacitors made of metal film polypropylene. Polypropylene capacitors are generally called CBB capacitors. CBB81 capacitors are his model. The full Chinese name is high-voltage polypropylene capacitors. It is realized in the negative withstand voltage temperature coefficient and stability. Good, generally used in high-pulse, high-current circuit equipment. The appearance of CBB81 capacitor is almost the same as CBB22 capacitor, and the volume is larger than CBB22 capacitor. It was born after CBB22 capacitor. Because CBB22 capacitor is incapable of more high-current equipment, CBB81 capacitor was developed. Therefore, the raw materials and production are used. In terms of technology, it is more excellent than cbb22, but when used in equipment that does not require high-power current, it is more overkill, so there is no banning relationship between the two. The performance of CBB22 capacitors is better than CBB21 capacitors. In terms of new capabilities The same is true, gradually the CBB21 capacitor was banned. CBB81 capacitors are generally used in electrical appliances that require instantaneous high currents. The more common ones are electric mosquito swatters, switching power supplies, color TV furniture, etc. If the equipment is switched off, most of the reasons for the damage of the CBB81 capacitor, CBB81 The withstand voltage of the capacitor is still direct current, and in terms of capacity, there is no way to make too large a capacitance. There are some more innovative electronic devices that have greater requirements for voltage, capacity, and space. CBB81 Capacitors can no longer meet these needs, so there are capacitors such as MKP capacitors.
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