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What is the difference between a capacitor and a battery? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-13
Both capacitors and batteries are electrical components, and they are energy storage components. Common capacitors have two metal electrodes separated by insulating materials and a structure with a protective shell. Generally, capacitors are used for coupling, filtering, decoupling, etc. , Are used as instantaneous power supply, so the energy provided is not much, and the electric energy stored by the capacitor is not much. Batteries are also two electrodes, but usually there are a large number of electrochemical materials. When charging, it converts electrical energy into chemical energy and stores it, and then converts it into electrical energy when discharging. The characteristics of batteries and capacitors are similar. The difference between the two is that battery storage There is a lot of electric energy, capacitors store very little, battery charging point is slow, capacitor charging point is very fast, most capacitors can be charged with high current, but the high current charging point of battery is relatively uncommon. With the continuous development of scientific and electronic technology, The capacity of capacitors is getting bigger and bigger, and batteries are gradually being replaced in many places. For example, many automatic flushing faucets use super capacitors. The capacity is very large to replace batteries. China has also developed a power supply for cars. Supercapacitors, to replace batteries to power car engines.   The unit of the capacitor is Farad, and the symbol is C. The unit of the battery is ampere hour, which means the product of current and time. For example, 20AH means that the discharge current is 1A and can be discharged continuously for 20 hours. Capacitors can work in AC circuits, and only DC power can be used to charge and discharge batteries. Therefore, batteries and capacitors are not the same thing, not the same nature of work. Capacitors have filtering, coupling and other functions in the circuit, and they often work in AC circuits by storing and releasing charges. This is similar to a battery, but the charging and discharging time of a capacitor depends on the RC time constant, and it can usually be charged and discharged quickly. The battery converts electrical energy into chemical energy for storage, and then converts chemical energy into electrical energy for use when it is used, and the charging and discharging time is relatively slow.
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