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What is the difference between bypass capacitor and decoupling capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-31
From a basic level, capacitors are basically the same in their job, but from the perspective of capacitor empowerment, decoupling capacitors and bypass capacitors play different performance roles. Each capacitor has different performance. On the circuit boards of electrical appliances, they play different roles. The decoupling capacitor is to meet the current changes in the circuit and avoid mutual coupling interference. The coupling capacitor can be understood as a battery, and the bypass capacitor is actually a coupling capacitor in nature, but the bypass capacitor is generally only high-frequency Noise bypass, a simple understanding is to play a function of impedance leakage prevention for electrical appliances when switching. Generally, the capacity of bypass capacitors is much smaller than that of coupling capacitors. Because of the load design of electrical circuit boards, coupling capacitors may be very different. Change, and the bypass capacitor requirements are not too big. If your device also needs to use coupling capacitors and bypass capacitors, you must design the load through the engineer’s circuit board and choose capacitors. If you don’t know how to choose coupling capacitors and bypass capacitors, you can contact Shenmao to provide free Capacitor selection service, greatly avoiding the risk of you choosing the wrong capacitor
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