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What is the difference between film capacitors and CBB capacitors?

by:Shenmao     2021-04-19
Film capacitors are short for metalized film capacitors, and metalized film capacitors are a large category of capacitor materials. For example, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, etc. belong to the category of capacitors, while capacitors like CBB belong to metalized film Capacitors, in a sense, CBB capacitors are metalized film capacitors. However, since metallized film capacitors are a large category of capacitor materials, they are relatively broad. For example, metallized film capacitors also have polyester film capacitors, which are also called CL capacitors. The material of capacitors like CBB is called polypropylene film. Capacitors. Capacitors of these two materials are metalized film capacitors, so if they are called film capacitors directly, it is difficult to confirm which material is required. You can only know that the other party needs the type of capacitor. . At present, most consumers in the capacitor market also like to directly say that they need film capacitors, so in the past, it took a little more time to communicate. For film capacitors, it may be polypropylene film capacitors or polyester film capacitors. When it comes to CBB polypropylene capacitors, it needs to be specific to the type of CBB capacitors. Because there are more models of CBB capacitors, there is no specific difference between film capacitors and CBB capacitors. The only difference is that they are both. The name of the material, one is the name of the big category, and the name of the specific category.
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