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What is the electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-21
Electrolytic capacitor is
what? Electrolytic capacitor electrolyte material for internal storage charges, positive and negative polarity, similar to the battery, do not pick up. Is very stick has a metal oxide film substrate, the cathode through the metal plate with the electrolyte ( Solid and non solid) Be connected. Nonpolar ( Bipolar). Electrolytic capacitor adopts double oxide film structure, similar to the two polar electrolytic capacitor after two connected to the cathode, the two electrodes of two metal plates (respectively All with oxide film) Is linked together, two groups of oxide film as electrolyte in the middle. Polar electrolytic capacitor is usually in the power supply circuit or intermediate frequency and low frequency circuit power filtering, decoupling ( ǒu) , signal coupling and time constant is set, the dc insulation etc. Nonpolar electrolytic capacitor is usually used in audio frequency divider circuit, the TV S correction circuit and single phase motor starting circuit.
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