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What is the role of speaker frequency divider capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-17
With the improvement of people's living standards, people's participation in entertainment activities is getting higher and higher, and the current speaker market is very hot and promising. Good music can give people an excellent auditory experience. It is the best way to render the atmosphere and attract customers. If you want to do good things, you must first benefit from it. A good speaker crossover capacitor also has a great impact on sound quality. The big one, so what is the function of the speaker crossover capacitor? Let's take a look today. We all know that capacitance is a physical quantity that characterizes the ability of a capacitor to hold charge. The following properties of a non-conductive body: When two opposite surfaces of a non-conductive body maintain a certain potential difference (such as in the speaker frequency divider capacitance), due to the charge As a result of the movement, energy is stored in the non-conductor. Capacitance (or capacitance) is a physical quantity that characterizes the ability of a capacitor to hold charge. In the speaker frequency divider, we must know the function of the speaker frequency divider capacitor and the resistance inductance coil. First of all, we must know their characteristics. For example, the speaker frequency divider capacitor passes high frequencies and blocks low frequencies, so the higher the frequency, the easier it is to pass, so its output is sent to the treble! Inductance is just the opposite, blocking high frequencies and passing low frequencies, so it outputs to low frequencies. The capacitance of the frequency divider is small, which hinders the passage of low frequencies and allows the treble or mid-range to pass, making the treble or mid-range of the speaker clearer; the inductance coil blocks the passage of high and mid-range frequencies. Let the low frequency pass to make the bass of the speaker thicker; the role of the resistor is to limit current or act as a false load. Audio circuits usually include capacitors such as filtering, coupling, bypass, frequency division, etc. How to more effectively choose to use various types of speaker crossover capacitors in the circuit has a greater impact on the improvement of audio quality. The capacity of the coupling capacitor is generally between 0.1μF-10μF. It is better to use mica, polypropylene, ceramic and other speaker crossover capacitors with less loss. Well, the above content is the answer to the question about the function of speaker crossover capacitors. As a well-known brand at home and abroad, Shenmao capacitors have close cooperative relations with many well-known high-end speaker and car speaker manufacturers at home and abroad. , The selection of Shenmao for high-end speaker crossover capacitors is correct! Friends who are interested in cooperation can contact our online customer service, looking forward to your arrival!
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