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What should I do if the capacitor is broken? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-06
It is common for capacitors to be damaged during use. After all, capacitors have a service life from time to time. When the limit is used, they will naturally fail to function. Generally, there are two common types of capacitor damage. The serious life loss of capacitors has not been able to perform. If the capacitor is broken down, it cannot be used directly. What should I do if I encounter these two situations separately? The life loss of the capacitor is serious. This is a normal damage process, but one thing to pay attention to is the use time of the product. If it is used for several years, there is basically no major problem. You can continue to choose to cooperate with this capacitor manufacturer. If only a few months have passed, these capacitors are obviously made of inferior materials. If you order a large number of capacitors, you should directly seek compensation from the capacitor manufacturer. This can reduce the loss of the purchased capacitors. Consumers will be more troublesome if they cause negatives, so choosing capacitor manufacturers should choose from the higher reputation. If the capacitor is broken down, the breakdown here is just a more generalized term. The capacitor has many kinds of uncertain factor damage, so it will be called breakdown. The most common one is that the circuit is directly broken down. The product At the moment of power-on, the voltage is higher than the withstand voltage of the capacitor, and the capacitor is directly broken down and scrapped. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the capacitor is selected incorrectly or the capacitor is under voltage (low voltage capacitor instead of high voltage). The manufacturer negotiates the handling method! This situation is generally in the research and development stage, so the product has not yet been released on the market. It is still very good to negotiate with the supplier. It is recommended to choose a capacitor manufacturer that knows how to guide the selection, so that the communication will be more efficient. I hope this article can Help you
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