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What to do if the capacitor is broken?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-12
In the daily use of household appliances, it is inevitable that you will encounter electrical damage. The most common electrical damage is generally the damage of the capacitor. Manually replace it by yourself or notify the maintenance master to replace it. It is generally not recommended to manually replace the capacitor by yourself, because of the general capacitor. It is necessary to use welding tools to pair with some models. If the circuit board of the entire product is burned out due to improper welding, the loss will be even greater, or if the wrong capacitor is paired, it will be very troublesome to explode the entire capacitor directly. The replaced bulk capacitors, because there are a lot of hazardous substances in them, must be packed and put into recyclable garbage. This is the most common and correct way for household personal capacitors to break, and the capacitors of some capacitor manufacturers are broken, what will happen generally For processing, due to the large number of irreversible capacitors, these capacitors are generally recycled to refine individual users or manufacturers for recycling, and some are directly scrapped, because scrapping also requires a certain cost and time, so it is possible to choose to be recycled. There are also some capacitors that are useless because they have not been used for a long time. This type of capacitor is generally used for recharging and can be used again after charging, but in terms of accuracy, it will be better than the first time. The accuracy of the capacitors produced should be low. After all, there is a loss. In some cases, some scrap capacitors will be recycled by other trading companies, and then processed and refurbished, and sold as brand new genuine capacitors. This kind of situation Generally, it occurs when the internal management of capacitor manufacturers is not strict, causing these poor quality capacitors to flow into the market under the brand of capacitor manufacturers. Once any problems occur, they will indirectly affect the capacitor manufacturers, so sometimes they will buy small quantities. When branding capacitors, if it is not a capacitor brand franchise store, it is best to ask the other party to provide an agent certificate, otherwise there is a chance to buy this type of capacitor that is still broken but has been refurbished for sale.
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