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Which capacitor is of good quality? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-01
As a long-established capacitor manufacturer, Shenmao often asks customers again in the past few years about which capacitors are of good quality? In fact, this problem is very empty. There are only two choices for the quality of the capacitor. As long as there is a quality problem, it is a bad capacitor. If there is no quality problem, it is a good capacitor. You may not believe what I said, but I can cite one or two customer cases received by Shenmao Capacitor to illustrate. In the first case, there was a customer in Shanghai in 2017. Because of the need to control the production cost, the capacitor supplier that had previously cooperated did not cooperate with the price reduction, which caused the purchase to find a capacitor supplier again, and the customer finally found Shenmao Capacitors. After learning about the equipment produced by the customer and the performance and price requirements that they want to achieve, Mao negotiated with the customer to use domestically produced capacitor materials. Although the customer was very worried, he still agreed to this condition. After providing test samples, he started small batches. Trial installation, there is no risk in the normal use of the equipment. Customers only choose Shenmao capacitors after this cooperation. Is this because the quality of Shenmao capacitors is better than that of the other party? It is not necessarily true that the better the capacitor raw materials, the better the quality of the capacitor, but is it necessary to consider whether it matches? In the second case, a few days ago, there was a problem with a customer’s product, and he agreed that it was caused by the poor quality of Shenmao capacitors. However, this batch of capacitor models is a regular supply of Shenmao, but other customers The quality problem has not been reflected, so what could be the reason? After understanding that the customer’s product is used in a relatively high temperature area, but these special requirements have not been raised, Shenmao still supplies it to the other party in accordance with the conventional capacitors, which causes the product to have problems. You see the same batch of goods. Why are there individual customers who are unhealthy? If there is good communication in advance, can the risk of this time be overcome by choosing better raw materials and techniques? There is no problem with the quality of the capacitor itself, but the use scene and environment are different, the material selection of the capacitor should be different, or all capacitors made of high-standard raw materials are used to produce capacitors. The quality of the capacitors is indeed very good. But who will bear the price when that happens? So choosing the right capacitor and choosing the expensive capacitor are two concepts. Which capacitor is of good quality? This question is like asking which capacitors are more expensive. I hope this article will have a better understanding and help for you to choose capacitor manufacturers.
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