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Why can't the electrolytic capacitor be reversed? What are the consequences after reverse connection? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-28
1. Polar electrolytic capacitor: The positive electrode is a metal substrate with an oxide film, and the negative electrode is connected to the electrolyte through a metal plate. Polarized electrolytic capacitors usually play the role of power supply filtering, decoupling, signal coupling, time constant setting, and AC blocking in power circuits or intermediate frequency and low frequency circuits. 2. The non-polar (bipolar) electrolytic capacitor adopts a double oxide film structure, which is similar to the structure of two polar electrolytic capacitors by connecting two negative electrodes. The two electrodes are respectively two metal plates (both with oxidation Membrane) are connected, and the electrolyte is in the middle of the two groups of oxide films. Non-polar electrolytic capacitors are usually used in audio frequency divider circuits, TV S correction circuits and single-phase engine starting circuits. 3. Electrolytic capacitor with polarity, the leakage is small after the forward voltage is connected, and the leakage is large when the reverse voltage is applied. So do not reverse connection, reverse connection will damage the electrolytic capacitor, or even burst. Non-polar electrolytic capacitors do not distinguish between positive and negative poles, and can be connected at will.
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