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Why do film capacitors produce noise? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-24
At present, there are many small factories on the market that manufacture low-quality film capacitors for sale. Once used in electronic circuits, various problems will arise. Recently, I saw some netizens on the Internet saying that the film capacitors they purchased would produce noise during use. I will answer this question for you in this article. Let me read it together! The noise of film capacitors, in some specific working occasions, such as cross-line, step-down and other AC occasions, film capacitors may have noise. This is caused by the existence of gaps between the films and vibration under the action of alternating electric fields. Judging from the current technology and statistics, the noise of film capacitors has no obvious effect on the performance of the capacitor. It is generally caused by the manufacturing process, and the progress of the process will significantly improve or solve this problem. In the future, when purchasing film capacitors, everyone should look for some well-qualified manufacturing plants, the purpose is to ensure the quality of their products, and the after-sales service is also guaranteed. We can do our homework before purchasing film capacitors, which can avoid unnecessary troubles.
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