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Why does the sound of the speaker become smaller after adding a capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-24
Capacitors are widely used in daily life. For example, speakers cannot do without capacitors. In order to improve the high-frequency performance of the speaker's high-frequency unit, the voice coil and vibration parts are designed to be very light and have a low response to low-frequency signals. Feeding power signals with too low frequency can easily cause damage to the vibration components and burn the voice coil. Therefore, multi-frequency speakers will use frequency dividers to let the signals of various frequency components 'do their own way' and each frequency band unit 'do their own duties'. The capacitor added to the mid-to-treble unit is essentially a simple frequency divider. The capacitor acts as a 'high-pass filter' that blocks low frequencies and only allows high frequencies to pass. The smaller the capacitor capacity, the higher the crossover point and the more obvious the effect of filtering low-frequency components. This kind of simple frequency divider is generally a two-way speaker, and its mid-low frequency unit feeds a full-band signal (but the mid-low frequency unit also has a very low response to high frequencies, so it will not play too much The high-frequency sound), the high-frequency unit feeds high-frequency signals through high-pass filtering. Because a part of the component of the signal is filtered out, the speaker with a crossover will have a lower sound than the full-band signal.
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