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Why is the metal film capacitor the first to be porcelain | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-06
Porcelain-mediated metal film capacitors are capacitors that use ceramics as the medium. Then a layer of metal film is applied to the outside. Normally, silver is selected. After high temperature sintering, electrodes are formed, and finally a line is drawn on the electrodes. The surface is coated with porcelain strip protective paint or directly encapsulated with resin to form a metal film capacitor. The metal film capacitors of this material are mainly divided into the following three types: The first type, its dielectric constant is relatively low, generally not higher than 100, but the performance is stable, and it will not change with stability, voltage or time. Change, a type of dielectric material with ultra-stable and low loss, is the first choice for occasions with high reliability requirements. The second type is that its dielectric constant will be higher. Generally, it has stable electrical performance. It is often used in applications that require more general reliability, such as direct isolation, coupling, or electric wave circuits and junctions, because it belongs to All those with a relatively moderate electrical constant do not require high losses. There is also the use of ferrite as the medium of ceramic materials, which is usually formed by stacking and sintering multilayer ceramic films, so he requires each piece of ceramic to be very thin to meet the requirements. Therefore, the volume is small, but the capacity is large. Generally speaking, there are many types of ceramic-mediated metal film capacitors, but generally they can be divided into two types, high and low, according to the dielectric constant of the medium. According to the working frequency, it is divided into high-frequency capacitors and low-frequency capacitors, and according to different voltages, it is divided into high-voltage capacitors and low-voltage capacitors. At the same time, metal film capacitors have a variety of shapes, including round, tubular, through-core, etc.
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