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Why use special yellow audio capacitors for igniters | Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-27
As we all know, the power of a fuel-fueled motorcycle is the energy produced by the combustion of gasoline in the oil cylinder. Then the utilization rate of combustion directly affects the driving power generated by the gasoline engine. A good burner should have these three. The big point, first is the high-quality mixture, then the full compression of gasoline, and finally the best ignition. The key to the third ignition is the ignition time and ignition energy. Both of these points must be controlled by the ignition system. The ignition system has a prominent position in a gasoline, and the special yellow audio of the igniter has the most important role. The appearance of the special yellow audio frequency of the igniter basically meets the ignition requirement of the minimum engine volume of the gasoline engine. The current generated by the magneto in the system is used to charge the capacitor. This is because the special yellow audio frequency of the igniter can generate super electric sparks, and the current rises very quickly, which is very beneficial for high-speed gasoline engines, and it also avoids spark plug contamination. Therefore, high-performance igniters generally use yellow audio dedicated to igniters. Through various tests, it is necessary to control the gasoline engine to maximize the energy of the gasoline engine to obtain the best ignition and its changing law through various tests. Otherwise, the ignition energy is too small, which will directly cause the gasoline and mixture in the ignition cylinder to fail to operate normally. Ignition time and ignition advance angle are also factors that cannot be underestimated. They will also affect the best punctuation of gasoline engine performance. Whether it is too early or too late, it is not conducive to the economy and kinetic energy of the gasoline engine. The dedicated yellow audio is the perfect solution to these problems.
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