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Will capacitors replace batteries in the future?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-11
Can capacitors be used in place of batteries? This question has been discussed in theory since the birth of capacitors. The main reason is that the capacitor itself has the function of storing electricity, which means that it can also be stored as a battery. Electricity is realized with the function of releasing electricity, the operation of electric current. However, at that time, there was indeed only theoretical knowledge, because the discharge speed of the capacitor was too fast, which meant that there was no way to continue to operate and discharge like a battery, and the electricity stored in the capacitor would be reflected in an instant, although Later designs have used the same method to slow down the current loss rate, but it still fails to meet the requirements of this battery. With the development of new energy electric vehicles in recent years, the research and development of capacitors instead of batteries has been started again, and the research and development has been successful. Now common BYD buses on the road and new energy electric vehicles are equipped with capacitors, and A well-known name, supercapacitor, the capacity value is incomparable with the capacity value of the common capacitor before, and the volume is not large. Using the principle of fast charge and fast release, it can smoothly drive the operation of electric vehicles. , Is a major technological innovation. After the products of large electronic devices have been applied, we will start to develop whether small electronic devices can use this type of supercapacitor to replace the battery. In the past, there are many devices that rely on batteries or whether the power-supply devices can use supercapacitors. To optimize the solution and carry out environmental protection and conservation to the end, although there are not many successful cases, as time follows the trend of the general environment, the scope of application of supercapacitors in electronic equipment will become more and more, and batteries will be eliminated sooner or later. It is also a matter of time.
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