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5 structure characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor do you know how many?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-11

5 structure characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor do you know how many? The structure characteristics of the specific what? The following by aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer ShenMao electronic introduction and analysis for you. 1, the working medium of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is generated by means of anodic oxidation on aluminum foil surface a thin layer of 3 oxidation 2 aluminium ( 氧化铝) The oxide dielectric layer and the capacitor anode combined into a complete system, both are interdependent, not independent of each other; We say normally capacitor, the electrode and electrolyte are independent of each other. 2, aluminum electrolytic capacitor anode is generated on the surface of Al2O3 dielectric layer of aluminum foil, cathode is not we traditionally think of negative foil, but the electrolytic capacitor. 3, negative foil electrical lead role in the electrolytic capacitor, because as electrolytic capacitor cathode electrolyte cannot directly and external connection, must pass through a metal electrode and the rest of the circuit form electrical pathway. 4, the anode foil of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, corrosion of cathode aluminium foil were usually aluminum foil, the actual surface area is much greater than the apparent surface area, which is usually has a large aluminum electrolytic capacitor of capacitance. Because use aluminum foil with thousands of fine corrosion holes, usually need liquid electrolyte to more effectively use its actual electrode area. 5, as a result of dielectric oxide film of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is by means of anodic oxidation, and its thickness is proportional to the imposed by the anodic oxidation voltage, so, in principle, aluminum electrolytic capacitor dielectric layer thickness can be artificially controlled accurately.
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