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A trade war with China entered the stage of guild wars, both China and the us have three

by:Shenmao     2021-01-03
Courtesy on one side only lasts not long. The old sayings in China, is very appropriate to say now. Yesterday, on September 24, Chinese traditional festival Mid-Autumn festival, the United States brought a & other; Gift & throughout; : 200 billion dollars to me imports a 10% tariff; Then China & other; Reply & throughout; To the United States, a 10% or 5% of the $60 billion goods tariffs. Punches and have means to resist, a trade war with China entered the new stage, were involved in the total cost of the goods between the two countries, also from the previous 50 billion + 50 billion, added 200 billion + 60 billion. According to the United States, that's not over, if China fight back, how will the United States. But China is big, may be just a coincidence, is in the United States tariffs in effect on September 24, in back at the same time, China also released 'about the fact that china-us economic and trade frictions with China's position, the white paper. Foreign no small matter, don't send a day earlier, a day late not hair, we will be in the Mid-Autumn festival on the day of a new round of tariff is imposed. This obviously is not optional and for, China wants to transfer information, believe that you know. This is for the us economy bullying and a comprehensive campaign on the offensive. We showed the greatest patience and sincerity, but the us has reneged on, constantly, therefore, & other; Facts to clarify the china-us economic and trade relations, China's policy stance for china-us economic and trade friction, promote the reasonable solution, the Chinese government issued the white paper. ” Facts need to be clarified, position need to clarify, we still want reasonable solution. But there is always some fantasy, always think China will finally give in. In combination with this white paper, and a series of struggle, the past six months for the United States, should also have three. First, I didn't think China's determination to so much. Trump had repeatedly claimed that a trade war is very simple, the United States must win. Through pressure limit method, has been a trump's specialty, and he himself & other The art of trading & throughout; 。 He thought that as long as the $50 billion customs card at first, China will surely mainly; 50 billion no, it would be overweight $200 billion; No, that will also continue to overweight. But the United States which know the really kicked the iron plate. In every American made out after China commodity tax listing, China listed immediately counterattack listing, and no weakness. In every time he can't counter threats or how, after China has hit back without any hesitation. White paper is made clear that China firmly maintain the national dignity and core interests, for a trade war, China's reluctance to play, not afraid to play, had to play when necessary. China's door has been open to negotiate, but negotiations have to be mutual respect, equality and the premise of your word, match words with deeds, not under the threat of tariffs stick, not at the expense of the development of China. Sentence: talk, doors open; Play, the company with the end. But the practice of the United States now, in the words of some friends, this is to destroy the Chinese economy, at the expense of China's development, China has no room for retreat. Never expect China swallow the bitter legacy of the damage the interests of their own. The second thought, I didn't think the Chinese economy so strong toughness. U. S. officials have repeatedly hinted that China's economy in decline, you in the trade war against the United States, you will lose. But over the past six months, the Chinese also not collapse, the United States can only be an escalating trade war, trying to force China to yield. That's because the United States is really underestimated the resilience of the Chinese economy. Must see, China is indeed a export-oriented, but exports are now falling pull function on the Chinese economy, has shrunk to 9 last year. The contribution rate of 1%, the consumption on China's economy last year reached the 58. 8%. And China are also take various measures to stabilize the market confidence and expectations, the recent series of deepening reform and opening up, is a signal. What's more, China is the world's second largest economy, any country don't want to lose, also irreplaceable huge market, complete industry chain, convenient infrastructure and business environment, this is our biggest hand response to a trade war.
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