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About the advantages and disadvantages of metal film capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-18
The development of metal film capacitors today has shown a strong force, especially in the current appearance of electronic products, which has enriched its uses. Today’s market has shown increasing demand for it, so understand its The essential characteristics thus more adapt to today's needs have become a top priority task. Today's metal film capacitors are made by using metal film materials such as aluminum as electrodes and then mixing them with plastic films. Compared with traditional metal foil capacitors, the biggest advantage is that its thickness is relatively thin, so the volume will be very large after winding. Smaller, the smaller the volume, the more it can meet the current demand for micro-electronics. Since metal film capacitors are widely used in current life, we should compare and analyze their advantages and disadvantages so as to maximize their strengths and avoid weaknesses and use their greatest advantages for our lives. First of all, the metal film capacitor is very good in heat resistance. Its rated temperature is many times stronger than that of ordinary metal foil, and it can even reach more than one hundred degrees. It also has non-inductive characteristics, so it is often used for alternating current and direct current. , Pulse circuit and other applications, these applications can be said to greatly improve our daily life. In addition to heat resistance, there is a strong advantage that is resistance and automatic recovery. The reason for automatic recovery is determined by the pressure between the capacitors. In fact, the disadvantage of metal film is that it will always be affected by environmental factors during use, especially if the environmental temperature changes too fast and the external pressure changes irregularly, it will make it in use. In the process of producing damage or noise, it is best to understand its product characteristics clearly when using it to avoid unnecessary damage.
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