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About the detection of electrolytic capacitor and selecting methods

by:Shenmao     2020-10-11
Out of line detection using multimeter R× 1 k block, before the test, to look into the two pins of the electrolytic capacitor, so put off residual charge in the capacitor. Whose hands turn to the right, when the pens and just a point of view, whose hands slowly turning to the left, then the clock stopped at last. The clock stopped indicates the leakage resistance of the resistance to the capacitance, the more the resistance is better, the best should be close to infinity. If only a few tens of thousands of the leakage resistance, the electrolytic capacitor leakage is serious. The greater the Angle of the clock to the right ( Whose hands should also back swing to the left) That the electrolytic capacitor is, the greater the capacitance on the other hand shows that the smaller the capacity. Directly on line inspection is mainly whether it is open circuit or breakdown both have obvious malfunction, and for the leakage failure due to the influence of the external circuit is generally the uncertainty. The multimeter R× 1 block, after circuit disconnect, release the remaining within the capacitor charge first. When measuring the whose hands turn to the right, if that electrolytic capacitor internal circuit. If the clock turn to the right after the indicated value is small ( Close to a short circuit) Serious leakage or has breakdown, capacitor. If the clock after partial without turning to the right, but the indicated value is not small, illustrate the potential large capacitance of open circuit, you should take off your open circuit after further testing. On a line state electricity detection if doubt electrolytic capacitor to exist only in the condition of electricity breakdown failure, can give electric circuit, and then use a multimeter measure the dc voltage at the ends of the capacitor, dc if the voltage is very low or to 0 v, is the capacitor has breakdown. For electrolytic capacitor of positive and negative sign is not clear, you must first identify its positive and negative. Exchange multimeter measure pen twice to leakage ( Small resistance value) A shall prevail, the black pens and receive one foot is negative, the other foot for the positive. As far as possible to choose the original type of electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitor deviation is big, normally do not seriously affect the normal work of the circuit, so you can take slightly larger or slightly smaller capacitance capacitor instead. But in the frequency division circuit, S correction circuit, oscillating circuit and not in the delay circuit, and the requirements of the capacitance should be calculated as far as possible. In some filter network, the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor also require very accurate, its error should be less than & plusmn; 5%. Pressure requirements must be satisfied, chooses the withstand voltage value should be equal to or greater than the original value. 无极性电容一般应用无极性电容来代替,实在无办法到时可用两只容量大一倍的有极性电容逆串联后代替,方法是将两只有极性电解电容的正极相连或将它们的两个负极相连。 When choosing electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor had better use high temperature resistant, high temperature resistant capacity of the highest working temperature is 105 ℃, when its work under the highest working temperature conditions, can guarantee the normal work of the 2000 hours of time. 20000 hours, if the use of high temperature electrolytic capacitor, the life can reach 90000 hours.
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