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About the marking and reading method of capacitor capacity|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-18
Capacitor identification methods are divided into direct labeling method and digital labeling method. Capacitors sold in China generally directly use numbers to identify the capacity, error, and withstand voltage of the capacitor. We can easily and intuitively obtain the detailed parameters of the capacitor on the capacitor. This method of directly identifying capacitor parameters is the direct labeling method. Those larger electrolytic capacitors will not only indicate the capacity, but also often have a unit, while the smaller non-polar capacitors are too small due to lack of space, and generally only indicate numbers. Capacitors that use decimals to represent capacity are basically microfarads (symbol is μF), and for capacitors that use integers to represent capacity, the units are basically picofarad (symbol is pF). For small capacitors, the volume is greatly reduced and cannot be marked by the direct labeling method. Therefore, people often use three-digit numbers to indicate the capacity of the capacitor. This method of expression is called the digital labeling method. The first one and two digits indicate the first one and two digits of the capacity, the third digit indicates the power of 10, and the third digit is 9 when it indicates the negative power of 10 (equivalent to 0.1). The power of the first two digits multiplied by 10 is the capacity, and the unit is picofarad (the symbol is pF). For example, 221 means 22x10u003d220pF, 229u003d22x0.1u003d2.2pF.
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