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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor application guide

by:Shenmao     2020-10-31
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor application guide: note: the following only for electrolytic capacitor manufacturers ShenMao advice, specific please according to the actual situation shall prevail circuit design: 1) , first of all, please determine whether the use of electrolytic capacitors and installation conditions ( Must conform to the specifications to choose the sample of the conditions specified in: 2) Applying the working temperature and ripple current must conform to the requirements of the specification (1) capacitor when using the environment temperature cannot exceed the working temperature (2) specified in the specifications of ripple current shall not exceed the allowable value 3) In the design of circuit, must be chosen to meet the requirements of its service life appropriate capacitor (4) Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are polar, so be sure to applying reverse voltage or wrong capacitor voltage, the reverse voltage situations may arise, it is recommended to use note: bipolar capacitance even dual polarity capacitor, also cannot be used in place of using ac voltage. 5) For the need to repeatedly charge and discharge circuit, it must use the right capacitor can afford this kind of work environment. Such as welding machine, the flash of equipment such a circuit. In addition, in such as servo motor control circuit will be repeated in the fast charge and discharge, in the circuit voltage fluctuation is very big. So if you want to choose repeated rapid charge and discharge circuit with appropriate capacitor, please contact us. 6) Choose output smoothing capacitor of switch power supply, in order to restrain the output ripple voltage selection of capacitor equivalent series resistance low R as small as possible, but the possible output using ESR small capacitor voltage abnormal oscillation. In order to prevent the output voltage oscillation occurs, on the general negative feedback circuit, phase need left over 30 ~ 40 degrees allowance. The phase margin refers to the lower limit to - phase Numerical 180 degrees, the phase margin is smaller, the performance of the component and the higher the risk of oscillation caused by the temperature variation. By using the phase correction of error feedback amplifier circuit, can prevent the output voltage of oscillation 7) Ensure that the capacitor can't work under overpressure condition ( Is higher than the rated voltage) (1) please note that the peak voltage, that is, by the superposition of dc voltage ripple current voltage, no more than rated voltage; (2) in the series to use capacitor of 2 or more occasions, the applied voltage is lower than the rated voltage, and a balancing resistor and capacitor in parallel, the average voltage applied to each capacitor. 8) Capacitor outer casing cannot guarantee that make using of the insulation, so the need to use it as a electrical insulating applications, these capacitors cannot be used - a standard casing. If your applications require special insulation, please contact us to know details. 9) Under the following conditions using capacitor is likely to lead to failure: 1) environmental conditions ( 一) Contact with water, high temperature and high humidity climate, or easy to produce condensate ( b) Contact with oil, or place full of oil and gas; ( c) Contact with salt water, or a place full of salt dust ( d) Contain toxic gases ( Such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chlorine, bromine, methyl bromide, ammonia, etc. ; ( e) Direct exposure to the sun radiation, ozone, ultraviolet light, or the environment; ( f) Contact with acid and alkali solution. (2) in vibration or mechanical impact index prescribed scope of more than 10) those bad environment When in the design of printed circuit board, please pay attention to the following items: (1) on the circuit board hole spacing must match the capacitor lead spacing: (2) above the capacitor of explosion-proof valve, should not have any circuit go line graphics or wire; (3) unless otherwise stipulated, explosion-proof above shall set aside the following clearance: shell diameter must leave clearance & Phi; 6. ≥3 ~ 16毫米 2mm:Φ 18 ~ 35 mm≥ 3 mmΦ 40 or above 40 mm & ge; 5 mm (4) if the valve is in the direction of printed circuit board, such as explosion-proof valve on the cover plate capacitor) Are corresponding to open a hole in the PCB, can make the gas discharge valve opens. The hole must be installed on the location of the explosion-proof capacitor (5) the screw terminal capacitor, had to cover up. When horizontal installation screw terminal condenser, the positive terminal must be on top. ShenMao, professional high-quality electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, committed to the horns, bolt type research and development and production of electrolytic capacitors, all capacitance eight years warranty service!
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