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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor can afford oscillation force standard and test method

by:Shenmao     2020-11-05
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are usually able to 10 g under vibration force. ShenMao production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the factory control the internal control more than 15 g of oscillating force. In the production of the limits of the force given in the instruction manual, still can adjust according to the instructions on the use of the individual summary procedures in order to meet the need. In order to test the vibration resistance, a set of aluminum electrolytic capacitor on vibration platform, and then applying a set of harmonic vibration, make its biggest fengfeng amplitude is zero. 6, the maximum acceleration in for 10 g or 15 g. Linear ( Slow) Between the vibration frequency in the 10 ~ 55 hz range change, experience all frequencies within 1 min. Unless the other way of vibration, along with the direction of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor line equal 1 vibration aluminum electrolytic capacitor. 5h。 Then, reposition the aluminum electrolytic capacitor makes its vibration in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the axis of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, vibration 1 again. 5h。 In the last half hour test connect the capacitor to a bridge, observation time of 3 min ( A 3 min cycle time) 。 After the test by hand shaking, the inside of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors capacitance unit should be no obvious is loose. At the same time, in 3 min observation cycle cannot contact there are signs that the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is, open circuit or short circuit.
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