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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor circuit design

by:Shenmao     2020-11-07
1) When confirm use and installation environment, as the aluminum electrolytic capacitor sample design as stipulated in the instructions of the rated performance within the scope of use of capacitor, should be avoided in the case of subordinates use: a. High temperature ( The highest temperature temperature more than use) b。 Flow ( Current exceeds the rated ripple current) c。 Overpressure ( The voltage more than rated voltage) d。 Applying a reverse voltage or ac voltage. e. Use in the repeated charge and discharge circuit sharply. Other: 1, the circuit design, use and machine life quite a capacitor. 2, machine performance have special requirements, can discuss with research and development personnel, making use of the specification of capacitance. 2) Capacitor shell, auxiliary leading-out terminal and the positive and negative as well as the circuit board must be completely isolated; 3) When the insulation of the condenser bushing does not guarantee, where there are specific requirements of the insulation performance please do not use; 4) Please do not use capacitor in the following circumstances: a. Direct contact with the water, salt water and oil, condensation, or the environment; b。 Full of harmful gases ( Sulfide, H2S, H2SO3, HNO3, CL2, ammonia, etc. ) ; c。 Placed in the sunshine, ozone, ultraviolet radiation and radioactive material environment; d。 Vibration and shock conditions more than the prescribed scope of the sample and specification of bad environment; 5) In design of capacitor installation, must confirm the following content: a. Capacitor is positive and negative electrode spacing must be in conformity with the PCB pitch; b。 To ensure that the capacitor explosion-proof valve stay above a certain space; c。 Ensure the capacitor explosion-proof valve above to avoid wiring, installation and other components; d。 The installation position of circuit boards, capacitors, please don't have other wiring; e. Capacitor and circuit boards around to avoid design and installation of heating element; 6) In addition, in the design of circuit, must confirm the following content: a) Not caused by changes in temperature and frequency electrical changes; b) Double-sided printing plate installed on the capacitor, the capacitor installation location to avoid redundant base plate holes and hole; c) More than two capacitors in parallel connection of current balance.
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