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by:Shenmao     2020-11-12
Background: passive electronic components (capacitor is three Resistors, capacitors and inductors) One of an important position in the electronic components industry, an indispensable basic electronic components, electronic circuit in the machine use electronic components, capacitor USES the most extensive, most consumable, accounts for about 40% of the total dosage of electronic components. According to different capacitor manufacturing material, concrete can be divided into: ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, film capacitors, etc. The ceramic capacitor market accounted for 43%, ranked first. Ceramic capacitor is the use of high dielectric constant of ceramics as a medium, it has advantages of good stability, high insulation, high pressure resistance, but its capacitance is small, and easy to be pulse voltage breakdown, suitable for precision tuning of high-frequency oscillation circuit. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor market accounted for 34%, in second place. The advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is: capacitance per unit volume is higher than ceramic capacitor dozens of first one hundred times; Can do tens of thousands of u f or even a few f high rated power capacity; Ceramic capacitor compared with overwhelming advantage. But poor stability of leakage and problems, suitable for power filtering or low frequency circuits. Tantalum capacitors and film capacitor market accounts for the score of 12% and 8%, which is mainly used for tantalum capacitor in demanding circuit instead of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and film capacitor is mainly used in radio, electronic instruments, such as circuit circuit compensation. The performance characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors: ( 1) When the lower working voltage, the characteristics of this aspect is more prominent, so special for miniaturization, ( 2) ( 3) With unidirectional conductivity, referred to as the 'polarity'. Applications should be according to the power of positive and negative direction access circuit, capacitor anode ( The anode) Connect power of the '+', the cathode ( Cathode) ( 4) The upper limit of working voltage has certain. ( 5) Poor insulation performance. Insulation performance are usually the size of the leakage current to show that to say the electrolytic capacitor is the most memory, all types of capacitor, such as aluminum electrolytic capacitor with high pressure, high capacitance of the leakage current can be more than 1 ma, insulation resistance is less than 1 m Ω accordingly. In practical application, if further considering the price of the product, is the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is cheap, application in the consumer electronics product more attractive s electrolytic capacitor electric performance parameters, performance characterization of capacitor electric parameters have a nominal capacity, loss tangent, rated voltage and insulation resistance four basic parameters, the parameters of the electrolytic capacitor are no exception, but because of its characteristics, so that in the concrete numerical value or limited, or the relaxed deviating from the nominal value of permissible error, or some changes on the parameters of the appellation, the most obvious one is to 'leakage' parameters instead of the insulation resistance, presently separately as follows: 1, the nominal capacitance and the selection of allowable deviation value is set according to the optimization of E6 series number, a total of 6 number, as the series of nominal value, which is 1. 0 and 1. 5, 2. 2, 3. 3, 4. 7, 6. Eight or more value multiplied by ten or 100 or 1000, E6 series of six about geometric sequence between numerical, common ratio is about, the allowable deviation is 20% and 2, the loss tangent ( tgδ) In ac circuits, the actual capacitor is bound to consume a small part of the useful signal power, under the specified frequency sine voltage, active power and reactive power consumed by a ratio called the loss tangent, its value is about 0. To 0 01. 20 depending on the type of the electrolytic capacitor, electric capacity, the size of the rated voltage of the high and low, and closely related to temperature and frequency. Sometimes expressed as a percentage. 3, the leakage current this parameter, the electrolytic capacitor insulation quality equivalent to other types of capacitor insulation resistance parameters. As a result of the electrolytic capacitor leakage current value and its size and capacitance voltage ( Cannot be greater than the rated voltage> closely related, so the allowable maximum value should be less than I = KCU ( K is constant) 。 And the size of the leakage current and temperature of the surroundings, therefore should strictly control the change of temperature measurement, generally when temperature 10 ℃, the measured value could be multiplied. Reduce the applied voltage, to improve the service life of the product often have significant effect, the late introduction life formula can be seen more intuitively.
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