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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor production flow chart

by:Shenmao     2020-11-01
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is one of the most common electronic components on printed circuit boards, he and ceramics capacitors, film capacitors, tantalum capacitor, such as compared to other capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a large capacity, high voltage resistance, high cost performance, etc, has become an irreplaceable one of passive electronic components. In the last year, according to incomplete statistics 5 billion demand for aluminium electrolytic capacitor. Since aluminum electrolytic capacitor is so common, so you know how it is generated made? First the main raw materials: aluminum electrolytic capacitor anodic foil, electrolyte, cathode foil and electrolytic paper, foil, tape, cover plate, aluminum shell, washer, sleeve, gaskets, etc. Production process, in order: cutting, winding, leaching, assembly, aging, sealing, printing, casing, measurement, packing, inspection, etc. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturing process: the first step in the aluminum foil decay: if open an aluminum electrolytic capacitor shell, you will see the inside is a few layers of aluminum foil and multilayer electrolytic paper, aluminum foil and electrolytic paper attached with together, winding into tubular organ, so every two layers of aluminum foil in the middle is a layer of adsorption electrolyte electrolytic paper. The manufacture of aluminum foil. Area in order to increase the aluminum foil and the electrolyte of war, the appearance of the capacitance of the aluminum foil is not smooth, but by electrochemical decay method, make its appearance form the shape of a rugged surrender, so might as well increase 7 ~ 8 times the appearance of the product. Electrochemical decay process is a battle of confused, involved in the corrupt fluid type, concentration, the appearance of the aluminum foil state, dynamic equilibrium of the decay rate, voltage and so on. Step 2 oxidation film forming process: the aluminum foil by electrochemical decay, is using chemical method, its appearance into 3 oxidation 2 aluminium oxide & ndash; — Aluminum electrolytic capacitor was medium. After oxidation, carefully review the appearance of the 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, look to whether have freckles may crack, the shortage of cleared out. The third step of the aluminum foil cutting: this measure is simple to understand. Is the whole piece of aluminum foil, cut into small pieces, so that it is necessary for proper capacitor manufacturing. Riveting lead in step 4: let external pin is not connected to the capacitor inside, but after the fuses and internal links of capacitance. , therefore, in this step we necessary to lead anode and cathode, and the capacitance of outer lead after ultrasonic key link together. Lead usually adopt copper coated wire maybe copper oxide line to reduce resistance, while internal leads directly to adopt aluminum wire and aluminum foil directly connected. Public attention to these little steps without fault close processing requirement is very high. Step 5 electrolytic paper winding: capacitance in the electrolyte is not poured directly into the capacitance, the soaking liquid aluminum foil, but after adsorption of the electrolyte electrolytic paper and aluminum foil layer upon layer and laminating. Among this, choose the electrolytic paper and ordinary formula has some differences, microporous structure, the appearance of the paper have impurities, otherwise will affect the identity of the electrolyte and performance. And this step, is there will be no electrolytic electrolyte absorption of paper, and aluminum foil stick in a piece, and then into capacitor shell, aluminum foil and electrolytic paper form approximation & other; 101010' The partition. Step 6 electrolyte dipping; When electrolytic paper winding, will fill in electrolyte, electrolyte dipping into electrolytic paper. With the innovation of the electrolyte formula and electrolytic paper manufacturing skills promoted, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor ESR value also gradually to promote, into one of a few points. Step 7 assembly: this step is the capacitance on the surface of the aluminum shell assembly, link outer lead at the same time, the capacitance to the fundamental is taking shape. Step 8 edge: if that & other; Throughout the foreskin &; Capacitor, you need to pass this step, the capacitance surface coated PVC film set in the capacitance of aluminum shell surface. Nothing more than the use of PVC membrane capacitance has less and less, mainly because of the differences is the raw material and optimum environmental trend, and show little coherent and performance. Step 9: combination assembly step 10 charging, aging test: aging is the last step of the capacitor production, in this process, will exert a greater than the rated voltage but less than form the voltage of the dc voltage, usually under the rated temperature of the condenser, May also be at other temperature even at room temperature) , this process can repair the defect of oxide film, aging is screening of early failure of the capacitance of a very good method, the initial low leakage current is a sign of aging effectively. With some simple testing method detected some defective non-conforming, circuit board to avoid late bombing case caused economic losses. Above is the aluminum electrolytic capacitor production and manufacturing process, I wonder if you know? Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is an aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, factories located in guangdong shenzhen, products are exported to at home and abroad, welcome to come to consult.
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