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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor retreads and whole product quality analysis

by:Shenmao     2020-11-06
Retreads electrolytic capacitor advantages: cheap, fast delivery disadvantages: the performance is not stable, different batches of variable quality summary: suitable for the performance requirements of equipment the deadstock electrolytic capacitor advantages: stable performance, good consistency from batch to batch disadvantages: prices are more expensive than retreads conclusion: suitable for long-term stability, the quality request is higher, attaches great importance to after-sales service of the second-hand market appear a large number of refurbished electrolytic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, the original appearance is bad or not famous brand of electrolytic capacitor skin removed, the capacitor outer plastic skin on again, this kind of capacitor from appearance look closely to discern between true and false, Also has the part adopts high quality plastic skin renovation of capacitance is difficult to identify true and false) , printed words are basic foreign brand-name products, look from the terminal capacitance of each capacitor pin work, renovate and couldn't prolong its service life, it's real life is far less than the life of the new products, please use caution! And it's capacity and ESR may also have a certain degree of variation
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