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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor selection guide

by:Shenmao     2020-11-03
Capacity of aluminum electrolytic capacitor body is bigger, series resistance is bigger, impedance is bigger, sensitive to temperature. It is suitable for temperature change is not big, the working frequency is not high, No more than 25 KHZ) Occasions and can be used for low frequency filter ( When in the high frequency of electrolytic capacitors in parallel filtering effect is relatively low frequency difference) 。 Aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the polarity, the installation must ensure that the correct polarity, or are in danger of explosion. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum electrolytic capacitor in series resistance, inductance, the stability of temperature has obvious advantages. However, its working voltage is low. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage rating of 1. Three times as surge voltage of capacitor, the voltage is higher than 160 v, is the rated working voltage + 50 v as the surge voltage, this is the manufacturers guarantee voltage, can allow the voltage in a short time. Capacitor in the surge voltage, electric current is very big, is usually 10 ~ 15 times as much as normal, if the time is too long, will burst open. So generally choose aluminum capacitor should be the voltage to choose something a little higher, the actual working voltage is 70 ~ 80% of the nominal voltage is advisable. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor used guidelines are as follows: 1. Electrolytic capacitor according to the specific situation in the filter circuit voltage noise peak value of 1. 2 - - 1. 5 times, not according to the rated capacity of the filter circuit; 2. Under the electrolytic capacitor is can not have welding plate and the hole. 3. Electrolytic capacitor may not direct contact with the heating element and the surrounding. 4. Note the polarity of the electrolytic capacitor, and may not add reverse voltage and ac voltage, the reverse voltage may occur where the non-polar capacitor should be used. 5. Should not be used for fast charging and discharging are needed, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, should choose a special design of capacitor with longer life. 6. Don't overload voltage should be used. 一个。 Dc voltage jade wenbo sewing voltage is lower than the rating voltage after superposition. b。 When two or more electrolytic capacitor in series to consider using balancing resistor, makes each capacitor on the voltage in the range of its rated. 7. Capacitance should be paid attention to when designing circuit boards, qi explosion-proof valve top shall not have any lines,, and the gap should be set aside for more than 2 mm. 8. Electrolytic also main chemical solvents and electrolytic paper as tinder, and electrolyte conductivity. When the electrolyte in contact with the PC board, PC board may be corrosion on the line. That the smoke or fire. So there should be no line under the electrolytic capacitor. 9. Among design circuit boards shall confirm the heating component is not close to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor or the bottom of the electrolytic capacitor.
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