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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage is redundant

by:Shenmao     2020-11-05
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor charge first, and then discharge, and then combine lead sub, placing it again after a period of time, between two terminal voltage rising phenomenon; Caused by the phenomenon of voltage is called regeneration voltage. When voltage is applied on medium, the medium internal cause electron transfer, thereby within the medium induced electric field, the direction and the direction of the voltage on the contrary, this phenomenon is called polarization reaction. After applied voltage cause dielectric polarization, if between two terminals to discharge all the way to the terminal voltage is zero, and then place the open after a period of time, a kind of potential potential will appear on the two terminals, thus caused the regeneration voltage. Regeneration voltage in the capacitor placed open 10 to 20 days to peak, and then gradually reduce, regeneration voltage is larger with increasing trend with the element ( Base board independence form) If after produce regeneration voltage capacitor, two terminal short circuit, instantaneous high voltage discharge may cause the operation of the assembly line workers fear, and could lead to some low voltage driving element ( Such as CPU, memory, etc. ) Is the risk of breakdown, preventive measures to appear this kind of circumstance is before use plus 100 & Omega; ~ 1 kΩ Resistance of discharge, or in the product packaging used in aluminum foil cover cause a short circuit between the two terminals.
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