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by:Shenmao     2020-11-09
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are 'limited' life element does aluminum electrolytic capacitor structure belongs to a half seal structure, use for a long time in the process of the electrolyte to spread beyond resulting in a decrease of the electrolyte and dry; Does the anode surface oxidation film degradation; Does the electrolyte in the process of repairing oxidation membrane and condenser heat, chemical and physical changes, improves the performance of the electrolyte. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor life concept and criterion does debilitating failure due to worsening capacitor parameters. Example: leakage current: e. capacity: no more than change within + / - 20% less than the initial measured value loss tangent: e. of no more than 2 times the appearance: no obvious abnormality does early functional failure appears more manufacturing and customers to use, such as short circuit, open circuit failure, the failure mode had damaged the capacitor performance. Life estimation method) : ripple current test method under normal circumstances, there are three main factors affecting the service life of the capacitor, environmental temperature, ripple current respectively, the actual applied voltage. The service life of the capacitor actual calculated expressed by the following formula: • LX = L0, KT, KV KR with LX: calculate the service life of the capacitor L0: capacitor under the condition of rated KT: the life of a condenser temperature coefficient KV: capacitor voltage coefficient KR: capacitor ripple current coefficient
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