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An interview with the father of the flash filling Zhang Jialiang: overturn conventional charger form, allows users to have a better experience

by:Shenmao     2021-01-03
OPPO in the field of quick charge has been walk in the forefront of the industry, its original VOOC series flash filling adopts unique low voltage large current charging technology make the overall charging power is high, but also can effectively control the charging process of fever, thereby improving flash re-charge experience. Behind the 65 w SuperVOOC is mobile charging power up a level again, let the user know the original mobile phone also can achieve 65 w power charging, and mobile terminal is not very hot, especially the OPPO latest Reno4 series is solely with the 65 w SuperVOOC flash charging. And on July 15, OPPO again in the field of fast charge, introduced a reverse the new charger generic form. In Shanghai on July 15, OPPO held 'beyond the quick, OPPO a new generation of super flash charging conference', the father of the flash filling Zhang Jialiang brought you two new technologies and new products, including 125 w super flash filling, super flash AirVOOC wireless charger, 110 w, 65 w super flash mini charger and 50 w super flash cookies charger. The charger from the USB interface - a过渡不到usb- c的手架服役归于消费者,自然顺序应test消费者使用的原因,切换的时间节点是根据消费者的原因来控制节奏,以前usb- C interface is not popular, will use the traditional MicroUSB interface, USB - later Popularized the C interface, the technology is relatively mature, through the phone and charger interface replacement for USB - C to comply with the demand of consumer use. The charger support 27 w and 65 w PD quick charge for the development of Internet and 5 g era is a trend, to mutual compatibility between different quick charge, if more quick charge are compatible, power is also a threshold. 将功率密度前要有充足的准备,确保将成熟产品展现奖金消费者。 大跃进! The quick charge equipment has been in hundreds of watts of power! 目前每个人手末都有通晓电子产品,包括手机、平板以及“大功率的办公笔试书等用电力设备,我们想要在出现行改称只带一个充电器用来解决所有产品的充电问题,肯定选举择可以满脚笔试书的充电器,看最“大功率用电力设备,和木桶效应是一个道理。 About the technology licensing, whether the future will open 30 w and 65 w SuperVOOC flash filling? Authorized all things can be filled, the external flash is a matter of wary, in principle nature is authorized partners, the more the better, it will be more consumers convenient, but authorization must guarantee is positive help for ecological, if will authorize abuse, it will have a negative effect, so the authorization must be treated with caution. And SuperVOOC filling power is great, the technical threshold is higher, need higher product control. But authorize follow-up will open, in ensuring positive influence on the basis of real value is created for the user. USB - C interface SuperVOOC charger is how to realize the fast handshake? USB - a介面,充电器加了一个晶片是为了方便识别相同道边材料上面讲一个线缆的识别晶片才可以识别线材,从而达不到快充目的握手。 换成usb- C is the same as the interface between charger will have E - Marker chips, to ensure the safety of the electricity, and it also makes the mutual support and compatible become more simple, more rapid and efficient to switch to the optimal working mode. The future will continue to launch more power charger? Or ways to improve the battery? Now want to improve consumer experience or improve life is fast charging and power fluctuation kongfu, for now the ternary lithium ion battery is not yet big technology breakthrough. Power will surely not endless. The focus is on how to let users clearly perceived charging speed is faster. Design more than the power of the product, but also want to consider the safety of the product, details, such as temperature, experience problems, from a consumer's perspective, with a comfortable, fit their own habits, it is also a very critical problem.
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