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Analyses the principle and the application prospect of the super capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-28
An ultracapacitor, also known as electrochemical capacitors, electric double layer capacitors, gold capacitor, farah capacitance, developed from s and eighty s a electrochemical energy storage by polarization electrolyte components. It is different from the traditional chemical power supply, a between conventional capacitors and batteries, power supply with special performance, rely mainly on electric double layer and REDOX constraint charge to store electrical energy capacitance. But in the process of the energy storage does not produce chemical reaction, the energy storage process is reversible and also because of this super capacitor can be repeated charge and discharge hundreds of thousands of times, compared with the life of the electrolytic capacitor can use will be more long. Super capacitor is mainly used in high-power power supply and large industrial and consumer power equipment, is now in various sizes of products, especially the portable equipment also found nowhere to go. Ultracapacitors up to thousands of farah capacitance value and is famous for its fast charging and discharging rate. Being able to store huge amounts of electricity for a long time, the super capacitor behaves more like a battery rather than a standard capacitance. In fact, with the progress of technology, they will replace many products of rechargeable batteries, from computer, digital camera, mobile phone to other handheld devices. Analyze the ultracapacitors: in principle, in the super capacitor could be regarded as a rechargeable battery. It can store and its capacity is proportional to the charge, and release charge when required discharge. Super capacitors and electrolytic capacitors is the biggest difference between the electronic double layer architecture, it can achieve a higher capacity. Standard capacitor is the structure of the between two electrodes attached to a metal plate sandwiched between a layer of dielectric layer ( FIG. 1) 。 Different depending on the type of capacitor, the dielectric can be alumina, four tantalum oxide, titanium oxide, barium or polypropylene, polyester, different material determines the different capacity and voltage characteristic ( FIG. 2) 。 How many of the dielectric and plate will also affect the capacitance, the distance between. Maximum allowable distance between plates, however, limit the number of the dielectric. In this kind of single layer structure, and increase the quantity of the dielectric to increase capacity usually is feasible, there are three kinds of methods, namely increasing width and plate size, increase the packaging length and increasing the plate distance or the combination of the two methods. These three methods will lead to the volume of capacitor, this is to increase capacitance must make a sacrifice. Electric double layer capacitor ( EDLC) As its literal meaning can solve the above problems, it is in the same package adds a second dielectric layer, the dielectric layer and the first layer on both sides of the spacer in the middle of the work in parallel, Figure 3) 。 EDLC also adopts nonporous dielectric, such as activated carbon, carbon nanotubes and carbon black gel, and selects the conductive polymers, its storage capacity is much higher than the standard electrolyte materials. Additional layers and more efficient dielectric material of this combination can make the capacitance increased nearly four orders of magnitude. However, super capacitor voltage ability is weak link, is rooted in the dielectric material. In EDLC electrolyte particularly thin, only nanometer order of magnitude, so can produce a large surface area, thus forming a larger capacity. But the very thin layer is not with the traditional ideal of dielectric insulation properties, so the lower working voltage. Super capacitor application: 1. Ultracapacitors for portable equipment: large capacitance of supercapacitors in physical size is no longer a barrier. More than 5 f super capacitor has been used in many portable and handheld products. In some cases, these components can even replace battery 2 power supply for these products. In view of the large equipment ultracapacitors: although seems to be all electronic design in smaller size, the designer for each nano space in hard, but there are still many areas miniaturization neither may not necessary, including automotive and transportation, renewable energy, military and aerospace. In these areas, the larger size of the super capacitor is normally used. 3. The future of the super capacitor, super capacitor is expected to replace rechargeable batteries of the many devices.
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