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【 Application 】 ShenMao capacitance 体内33 w FlashCharge 2。 0 quick charge teardown report

by:Shenmao     2020-12-31
快充电源转帐资金电解电容器有著以下几点要求:1。 Large capacity, small size, can store enough energy smooth output rectifier voltage; Lower part of dc ac component, restrain the output ripple; Miniaturization of the charger. 2. Large ripple, low ESR absorption of ripple produced from rectifier circuit; EMI interference suppression; Lower the temperature in the condenser. 3. High pressure, resistance to lightning withstand impact from the input voltage of the rectifier circuit; 化来自电网浪涌电流冲击。 4. Long life, high reliability work under high temperature, and satisfies the requirement of product design life. 36 years ShenMao electronic subsoil aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, for the power supply quick charge series has the rich production experience and some application examples. Today, we share a story about VIVO 33 w Flash at 2. 0 and dismantling of quick charge report. 一、体内33 w FlashCharge 2。 0 fast electrical appearance vivo 33 w FlashCharge 2. 0 fast was flat in shape, shell part adopts is white PC flame retardant materials, with a fixed pin and USB a出口介面。 充电器正面及侧面没有任什么参数资的确,看起来非常简洁。 On the back of the charger with product parameters, vivo FlashCharge2. 充电器; Model: V3330L0A0 - cn,出口:100 - 240V~ 50/60Hz 0. 85 a,出口:5 v / 2 a或9 v / 2 a或11 v / 3 a。 USB - a出口介面采用白色胶质芯,可看到内部脚四根针。 Volume compared with 30 w apple PD fast was electric, vivo the charger's body appear more slender. 充电器净重约为72 g。 Using ChargerLAB POWER - z kt001检测usb- a介面出口会谈,显示支持usb和qc2 dcp会谈。 0 quick charge, the QC2. 快充协商下,充电器最高出口电压为9 v。 二,体内33 w FlashCharge 2。 0 fast was the ultrasonic welding appliances dismantling charger shell, very strong, strong output, pry after deformation was able to open the side cover. After take off cover plate, you can see the internal PCB fixed guide groove, the inside of the shell output USB - a介面招聘塑胶防尘展示设计。 续回收能见不到两个抗干扰y电容和出口滤波固语态电容。 Shell inside use metal shrapnel and PCBA module contact conduction mode. PCBA module and PCB are angled look yellow, single-sided circuit board, the main for the plug-in components, including transformer, capacitor, time delay fuse, safety capacitance X, common mode inductor, etc. , and then use glue injection reinforcement between components. 进口端设有延时保险丝安规x电容,共模电感,ntc浪涌抑制电阻,进口滤波电解电容等。 Around the transformer and electrolytic capacitor using a large number of fixed and thermal conductivity silica gel. Time delay fuse, 250 v 2 a. ntc浪涌抑制电阻,用归于上电时抑制浪涌冲击。 进口滤波四颗电解电容招聘,其中三颗容量稍大,为12μf,汉语颗为8。 2μf,在电解电容右侧为两颗y电容。 在电解电容响遍边有一颗工字电感。 Use white mara tape winding transformer and printing the label information. Beside the transformer is equipped with a PWM power supply capacitor, chip by Koshin ShenMao electronics offers, 50 v 4. 7μF。 变压器侧面使用黄色马拉胶带缠绕炮裹,两根次级出口线焊接在次级方面上接头柱上。 初级方面和次级方面之间使用塑胶绝缘档板隔离。 出口方面usb- a介面讯设计,定制介面,招聘塑胶自然防尘,左侧为两颗y电容,右侧为两颗固语态滤波电容,由申茂电子提供的固语态电容ks / 16 v 470μf,尺寸5。 5 x 13200小时。 申茂电子除铝电解电容产品,更有导电性高分子固语态铝电解电容,备齐,超薄型高容等于高、低esr、可爱靠性等特点。 欢迎来电谘询。
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