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Attention should be paid to matters when using electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-20
Electrolytic capacitor stored in to keep dry environment and avoid direct sunlight. Conditional on the packaging of electronic products that best lining in a bag with a conductive role, in addition the electrolytic capacitor don't long stored directly, in case of an explosion. When using capacitance below to share with you to pay attention to matters. 1. Electrolytic capacitor with positive and negative polarity, so can't reverse connection when used in the circuit. In the power circuit, the output of positive voltage electrolytic capacitor anode to connect power output, negative ground. When output load voltage output is negative, the anode grounding. When the power supply circuit of the filter capacitor polarity meet when, because of capacitance filtering effect is reduced greatly. Power supply output voltage fluctuations caused on one hand, on the other hand, due to the reverse current is equivalent to a resistor electrolytic capacitor fever at this time. When the reverse voltage exceeds a certain value, the capacitance of the reverse leakage resistance will become very small, so electricity work soon, can make a capacitance due to overheat and burst damage. 2. On opposite sides of the electrolytic capacitor voltage should not exceed the allowed working voltage, in the design of the actual circuit should have certain allowance, according to the concrete situation in design of stabilized voltage supply filter capacitance, if the ac power voltage is 220 ~ transformer secondary rectifier voltage can be up to 22 v, PCB proofing as selection pressure for 25 v electrolytic capacitor generally can meet the requirements. But, if the ac power voltage fluctuation is very big and could rise to more than 250 v, had better choose pressure above 30 v electrolytic capacitor. 3, electrolytic capacitor in the circuit should not be close to the high power heating element, in case the electrolyte accelerated because of the heat to dry up. 4, with positive and negative polarity of the signal filtering, can take two series capacitors with polarity method, as a non-polar capacitor. 5, capacitor shell, auxiliary leading-out terminal and the positive and negative as well as the circuit board must be completely isolated. Lead to fever, temperature is too high and the cause of the explosion: ( 1) Using the low frequency capacitance, low frequency capacitance resistance generally larger. Easy to fever. The hotter the greater the load. ( 2) Capacitive pressure too low, Only a fool would do such a thing) 。 Light will heat up. But high capacitance selected against pressure higher reliability. Such as voltage in 12 v, was 16 v pressure are available, such as 25 v, reliability is much higher. ( 3) Ordinary electrolytic capacitor, the default would pass the ripple current of 1 a, or almost a capacitor to keep the load on the output current of 1 a, if the output current is too big, please use special high frequency ripple current large capacitance. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, models complete, the price is right! Welcome to choose and buy.
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