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Audio capacitors, take you to enjoy the good sound|Focus on the manufacturer of high-end brand capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-03-13
Nowadays, with the rapid development of social economy, music has become an indispensable melody in life. It not only makes us feel the joy of life, but also allows us to find a quiet world in singing. But good music still needs good sound quality to render, but we often encounter such problems. If the speaker is used for a long time, there will be problems. Many people think that the machine is malfunctioning. In fact, the main problem is Audio capacitor. Compared with general capacitors, audio capacitors not only have good anti-vibration performance, but also have a strong current, which can achieve rapid response and discharge capabilities through certain special means. The volume of the audio capacitor is very small, and it hardly occupies the memory in the audio. More importantly, it has a strong self-healing ability and increases the damping effect on external vibration. In addition, many audio capacitors are mostly filled with ceramic micropowder. When the capacitor is charged and discharged, it will not only adsorb the negative ions in the electrolyte and become more active ion groups, so that a thin film is formed on the surface of the anodic oxide film, which greatly improves The response speed to the signal makes the sound quality more pure and transparent. Good music is like a spiritual partner, sharing your sorrow when you are sad, and sharing your happiness when you are happy, but good music needs good sound quality to set off, if you want to hear high-quality music, then Hurry up and try audio capacitors. Once there is a problem with the audio capacitors, the music we hear will be imperfect, which will affect our good mood. Therefore, good speakers should choose audio capacitors so that we can truly feel the happiness that music brings us.
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