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Automotive wiring harness capacitance_what is automotive wiring harness capacitance_car wiring harness capacitance function

by:Shenmao     2021-05-28
What is the automotive wiring harness capacitor? The automotive wiring harness is the main body of the automotive circuit, which connects the electrical and electronic components of the car and makes it function. Without the wiring harness, there is no automotive circuit. At present, whether it is a high-end luxury car or an economical ordinary car, the form of the wiring harness is basically the same. It is composed of wires, connectors and wrapping tape. It must ensure both the transmission of electrical signals and the connection of the circuit. Reliability, supply the specified current value to electronic and electrical components, prevent electromagnetic interference to surrounding circuits, and eliminate electrical short circuits. Capacitors used in automotive control wiring harnesses come in many models or types, and are energy-storing electronic components. The components themselves neither generate energy nor consume energy. Improve a certain power coefficient of key components (parts), and play a multi-functional role in the electronic circuit such as oscillation, filtering, compensation, bypass, phase shift, and coupling. According to different models, different capacitors are designed for single or combined distribution to participate in the coordination of the entire system and improve performance. Car wiring harness capacitor function A, voltage stabilization, rectification and filtering    (1) Commonly used in the control instrument circuit, audio circuit, and ignition circuit of the car. The rectified current turns the pulsating direct current into a more stable direct current voltage through its 'charge and discharge' characteristics.   (2) Filter out high-frequency pulse interference (filtering) caused by circuit fluctuations or other components.  (3) In the starting circuit of the car, the electronic ignition system using energy storage capacitor can effectively improve the ignition performance. The energy storage electronic ignition system is often composed of energy storage capacitors, batteries, thyristors, DC boosters, high-voltage packages, triggers, high-voltage lines, distributors, and flower plugs.  B, coupling   prevents the static operation of the two-stage circuit from being affected during the transmission and amplification of the low-frequency signal and is coupled through the electrolytic capacitor. Effectively prevent the loss of the low-frequency signal part.  C, cut-through AC    This is more used in the power generation part of the car or the ballast circuit (AC, pulse circuit), which acts as a block of DC.  D, bypass or decoupling   (1) provide a 'low impedance path' for certain parts of the car.   (2) The AC or DC line is grounded through a capacitor. It also plays a role in anti-interference and potential isolation.  E, temperature and power compensation   (1) There are pure inductance circuits and pure capacitance circuits in the electrical circuit, and the relationship between voltage and current is exactly the opposite. Therefore, the characteristics of capacitor crying are used to compensate the reactive power compensation generated by the inductance.   (2) When other components are subject to temperature changes and abnormal working conditions, certain adjustments and compensations should be made to make the circuit more stable through improvements.  F, timing and tuning    (1) The capacitor is used in conjunction with the resistor to determine the time constant of the circuit.   (2) Tuning to frequency-related circuits: such as car radios, CDs, DVDs and other vehicles.  G, special application:    super capacitor: currently more commonly used in electric vehicles or city buses (electric type). This type of supercapacitor uses activated carbon powder and activated carbon fibers as polarizable electrodes to increase the area in contact with the electrolyte. The larger the area, the larger the capacitance, and the capacitor is more widely used.
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